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Classes of Sheetings

Mandatory use of Class II and III films on the roads provides quality and timely recognition of traffic signs.

  • 1. Class - Engineer grade, classic reflecting sheeting, 7-year guarantee, minimum retroreflection 50 cd/lux/m2.

  • 2. Class - High intesity, sheeting, 10-year guarantee, minimum retroreflection 180 cd/lux/m2.

  • 2.(a) Class - High intesity prismatic, hybrid sheeting, high intensity and diamond Grade, 10-year guarantee, minimum retroreflection 220 cd/lux/m2.

  • 3. Class - Diamod grade (DG), sheeting, 12-year guarantee, minimum retroreflection 300 cd/lux/m2.

  • 3.(a) Class - Diamod grade Fluorescent, yellow-green sheeting with class 3 characteristics (DG), specially made for school areas, pedestrians and cyclists.

  • 3.(b) Class - Diamod grade Fluorescent, yellow sheeting with class 3 characteristics highly visible, applied for marking high danger reaches ("black spots").

Quality Policy

With respect to the main business operations of the company comprising of products and services directly or indirectly referred to road safety i.e. overall safety of participants in traffic, high standards of materials and workmanship are of primary importance in determining the quality management and policy of the copmany. A significant part of the mission statement of Signal d.o.o. is as follows... read more

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